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Catawba Nuclear Station

Nuclear energy is a key component of North Carolina’s Touchstone Energy cooperatives’ power supply portfolio. As part owner of the Catawba Nuclear Station in York County, S.C., about half of the co-ops’ annual energy needs are met through nuclear energy.

Catawba’s Unit 1 and Unit 2 began commercial operation in 1985 and 1986, respectively. The 2,258-megawatt Catawba plant includes twin pressurized-water reactors. Operated and co-owned by Duke Energy, the Catawba plant ran at an overall capacity factor of 97.5 percent in 2005. 

NCEMC owns 61.508 percent of Catawba Unit 1 (about 704 megawatts of power). In 2003, that unit was re-licensed to operate until December 2043.

How pressurized-water reactors work


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