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TSE Services

TSE Services, a market research organization founded in 1998 by North Carolina’s electric cooperatives, provides market research to electric cooperatives throughout the U.S. Core competencies focus on member satisfaction, loyalty and strategic market planning.

TSE Services works with dozens of top-notch cooperatives nationwide, conducting more than 10,000 interviews with residential, business and key account members each quarter. Benchmarks created from this group of top-rated cooperatives provide compelling goals that help management drive their cooperatives to ever-higher levels of performance in serving members.

TSE Services also supports Touchstone Energy® in its ongoing national survey on the “Cooperative Difference,” a central component of its brand strategy. This annual exploration of cooperative values provides insight into the drivers of member satisfaction and loyalty.

For more information on TSE Services, visit www.tseservices.com or contact:

Tom Laing
Vice President, Research & Member Insights
(919) 875-3087

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